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1. What does the MoI Child Protection Centre do?

The Ministry of Interior Child Protection Centre (MoI-CPC) is dedicated to the safety and security of ALL children living and visiting in the United Arab Emirates.

The Ministry of Interior Child Protection Centre works for protection of ‘ALL’ children and does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, religion, cultural differences, gender or disability.

2. What services does the MoI Child Protection Centre provide?

The MoI-Child Protection Centre:

• Develops Policies, Procedures, Guidance and Standards to address issues and risks that present to the safety of children.

• Regulates and evaluates the implementation of agreed policies, procedures and guidance by the police and other entities under the authority of the Ministry of Interior.

• Conducts review of operational practice in cases involving child deaths and injuries, child abuse or other issues that affect the safety and protection of children.

• Collates and analyses statistical data in order to identify trends and risks to the safety of children in the United Arab Emirates.

• Works with other organisations and agencies to raise awareness in society of risk and danger to children across all fourteen dimensions of child protection.

• Provides response to government, media and other questions arising on issues related to the protection of children.

3. Who can contact the MoI Child Protection Centre?

Anyone can contact the MoI Child Protection Centre – children, parents, concerned adults or professionals like educators, doctors, nurses, police etc.

4. Who do you consider a child?
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) defines ‘Child’ as ‘a person under the age of 18 years’.
5. Can I contact the MoI-CPC for advice on child abuse and neglect?

Yes, if you have questions about child abuse and neglect, and how to report it, or any child protection issue, you could call the MoI Child protection Centre on 00971023333999 or you could write us an email childprotection@moi-cpc.gov.ae 

Your concerns about a child’s safety or well-being is an important step in preventing or stopping the abuse and protecting children from further harm. Don’t wait until you are certain. We will listen to your concerns, we will offer advice and support and we could even take an action on your behalf if a child is at risk of any harm.

6. Where can I make a report of suspected child abuse and or neglect?

You could make a report by calling the Child Abuse Hotline on 116111.

You could make a report online by visiting the MoI-CPC website on http://www.moi-cpc.ae/en/Report.Abuse.aspx

For immediate help and emergencies call 999

7. What happens when a report of abuse or neglect is made?

On police receiving a report of alleged or suspected child abuse or neglect or a report that a child is at risk of being abused, neglected or harmed the following responses can be expected:

The matter will immediately be referred to a specialist ‘Child Protection Officer’ (CPO) at the Social Support Centres Department.

The CPO will conduct a case assessment to determine the most appropriate course of action (Criminal Investigation or Social Support intervention).

The purpose of a criminal investigation is to gather evidence and to make the person who has perpetrated the abuse or neglect responsible for his/her behaviour.

If the assessment indicates either that no criminal offence has been committed or that the most appropriate response is to provide social intervention the child and his or her family will be offered support and counselling.

In either case the CPO will gather information which may include talking to the children in the family, the parents and other people who may be able to provide information such as family doctor, school teacher or other family members.

In some instances it may be necessary to have the child undergo a full medical examination.  This will be carried out by a specialist medical practitioner.

If it is concluded that the child has not been abused, neglected or harmed and is not at risk of being abused, neglected or harmed the case will be closed.

If it is determined that the child has been abused or neglected or that he/she is at risk of being abused, neglected or harmed a case will be opened in Social Support (in addition to any criminal prosecution) and services put in place to address the issue of risk to the child/children in the family.

8. Is cyberbullying and online harassment of children considered a crime in the United Arab Emirates?

There are certainly many dangers that children can encounter while using the internet.  Some of these can include online grooming, threatening and harassment.  Cases of this nature are considered criminal offences and should be reported in the same way as actual abuse or neglect. The UAE Federal Decree-Law no. (5) of 2012 on Combating Cybercrimes addresses some of these issues.

9. Could I become a volunteer for the MoI Child Protection Centre?

The MoI Child Protection Centre does not currently provide any volunteering opportunities.  But there are many ways you could get involved and make a difference in lives of UAE children:

Learn more about our services.

Interact with children on personal safety strategies.

Take action by reporting your concerns about a child.