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Dear Children,

We would like to share with you the below educational messages :

General Advices

 Time is money, so make the best use of it for your own interest .

 Talk to teachers, counsellors and social workers if you are having problems at school or at home, as they have a role and duty to protect you .

 If you are afraid to talk about abuse you have faced, try to write it down and give it to an adult you trust .

 Tell someone you can trust such as a teacher, relative or close friend and ask for help, if one of your family member has faced an abuse .

 If you under 15, it is illegal for you to work in the UAE. If you are between the ages of 15-18, you only allowed to work under certain conditions and for a limited number of hours .

Child Protection on Roads & in Transport

 Do not hang any body part outside the vehicle window or the sunroof .

 Fasten your seatbelt and do not attempt to exit from the car unless it has come to a complete stop or your caregiver/driver has instructed you to do so .

 Only cross the road, once the pedestrian sign has turned green and traffic has come to a complete stop .

 At a pedestrian crossing, do not cross once the light begins to flash. Never cross on a red light .

 Rid a bike that fits. A bike that is too big can't be controlled properly and can be very dangerous to you when you ride it .

 To know if the bike is the right size for you, then both feet should touch the ground while seated.

 Be sure that your bike helmet cover the upper part of the forehead and sit level on the head. A helmet worn too far back will not provide good protection .

 If you see your parents distracted with an electronic device while driving, (phone, GPS navigation, and entertainment system) tell them it affects your and their safety .

 If you are under the age of 10, you should only sit in the back of a car .

Child Protection in Buildings

 Don’t try to get something by climbing on a chair or table. Ask an adult to get it for you .

 Always pick up your toys after you play with them so that no one trips over them.

 Don’t play with window/curtain cords at home. They can be wrapped around your neck and cause you to choke.

 Make sure your scooter, skateboard or other rolling wheel toys are safe. Have your parents check them for any problems.

 Even if you are a good swimmer, make sure that an adult is present as you can still find yourself in danger .

Child Protection in Public Venues

 In case you lose your parent or guardian, always agree on a meeting spot in the park, or other public venues .

 Always stay in groups or with an adult when going to sports games .

 If a stranger asks you to follow them, you should tell an adult you trust such as your parents, security or a police officer .

 If you are under 11 years old, never use an elevator alone .

Child Protection from Technological Risks & Threats

 If being bullied, save the message, block the abuser and report them .

 Inform your parents or a trusted adult that is someone being inappropriate with you .

 Inform your parents what kind of chat rooms or groups you want to join .

 Do not let anyone force you to do something you are not comfortable with online .

 Do not respond to emails that ask for your password.

 If you share a photo online, always remember it can easily become public.